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Is it Emotions or Followers WHo Infuence Selection of Picture and Caption Before Posting?



By David Rweyemamu





Recently the publication of picture with caption have became a part and parcel of daily life among of the people who use social networks, one may post a picture while in a class, on a journey, celebrating birthday, at funeral ceremonies, doing shopping or having a funny at beach and other issues concerning politics, celebrities stuffs or a picture of somewhere in Tanzania or overseas.


Either knowingly or not when someone post a picture or caption via social media, one is communicating with the community which is connected by the network, so whatever posted it carries message to the followers who are audience of that social media.


Publishing of a picture and caption on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and others, always depends much on someone’s ideologies, perception, life background, social status, education level, someone morals as well as influence of people around someone and other many reasons.


It’s true that there some of the pictures or captions when are posted accumulates good number of comments or likes as well as the way are shared to others while some of the pictures do not. To some extent that can be influenced by a kind of a picture itself and caption attached with, but also some one influence and their fame in a certain community can pave the way for such thing to happen.
Sometimes in social media, one can witness some images and captions which bring many question to mind, people can ask themselves question, if a certain picture being posted by someone who is mentally fit or the one posted while un consciously due to some of the pictures lacking all criteria’s of being posted for mass consumption since lacks much Tanzanian traditions and norms tastehood.


For instance, picture showing some one nakedness, dead bodies, people with mental disabilities, children with no clothes. bleeding wounds as well as words or explanations that intends to insult or defame others. Mostly social media users do such kind of mistakes either consciously or not, but under the pressure of ones emotions or social media friends.


But for the side of Lilian Towo, University of Dar es Salaam(UDSM) second year student, ‘’ There is just two issues that I consider before posting, first is external influences like when a particular picture shows me looking beautiful and attractive, also current affairs like that of Lucky Vicent pupil’s accident that occurred last year in Arusha so as to reveal my concern, internal forces are like to express my feelings, if am glad, feel sadness, or feeling sorry to others as well as to express my views either political ones or a support to a certain leader’’. She said


For the side of Isaack Marembo who pursuing B.A in Law Enforcement(UDSM) explained that ‘’Actually I consider my ethical principles though differ from one individual to another, also I do regard others’ perspectives when will be viewing my posts, even if will be my picture, any government official or comedian’’. He added
Asnath Mmbaga, taking BA in Sociology at(UDSM) ‘’Firstly I do consider context and my reputation before posting any picture as well as if am in acceptable and ethical dress code so as to protect my image and respect to those who are going to sight my picture, something which will lead the society to learn from me’’. She said


The last one was Oguna Nyaro who takes B.A in Sociology(UDSM) ‘’Before posting what I put in consideration is only my message which I intend to communicate via such social media’’ . He explained.


Regardless of emotions or followers influence before someone posting a picture or caption one has to keep in mind that any negativities might face them in fore days since whatever published via social media would not perish forever, though you might publish it without knowing the consequence that may occur in the future.
Also, what are the impact would face them during that time, for instance now days when people are appointed to hold some positions, you might find that if the person had already posted some controversial pictures or caption might went viral and some of the organization use social media posts, before hiring people who meet interview credentials , something proves us that there is a need of extending seriousness when publishing our posts.


Image from https://smallbiztrends.com/2016/05/popular-social-media-sites.html




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