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Tourism Opportunities In Tanzania And Their Contribution for Vibrant Economy



By Rhoda Makama


Tourism being among the key sectors that have became a priority in national fiscal power and contribution to public developmen in Tanzania ,for recent years has became large due to government efforts and other stake holders which as a result making it among sectors which contribute highly to national economy.


Tanzania’s tourism is highly basing on wildlife conservation and features of national occurance due to promotion and protection efforts whereby indigenous and foreign tourists are enjoying to be able to see amazing and marvellous animals and other creatures in big numbers like rhinos, girrafe, elephants, Lions, Apes and other creatures which can not be seen any where else in the world.
Bakari Hassan as student of university of Dar- es salaam doing Barchelor of Commerce in tourism urgue that tourism contributes a lot in boosting Tanzanian economy. However, its more progress depends on more efforts and emphasizes that, government ought to take several action to improve and to make different changes for development.


In addition Hassan emphasize on promotion of tourism sector domestically and international, by providing awareness to the people and to advice them to visit attractions found in Tanzania like Nyumba ya Mungu, Mtera and other big dams as well as different attractive mountains like Kilimanjaro, Meru and Udzungwa mountains .


Also Khamis Given as student of university of Dar- es salaam doing Bachelor of Commerce in tourism said that Tanzania have a lot of attractions while facing different problems and cause some time resources found and income obtained become totally different.
He continue by mentioning national parks found in Tanzania which are embodied with great wonders and attractive creatures for commercial significances such as Ruaha national park Salous game reserve ,Tarangire national park, Lake Manyara Ngorongoro conservation area which contain wonderful crater,Serengeti and Mkumi national park .


But there is other tourist attraction apart from wildlife like ngozi crater lake ,mbozi meteorite found in songwe region ,kitulo prateau ,Pemba island ,mafia and our culture in general.


Opportunities found in tourism now days people get employed formally and informally, also government income increases due to tourism activities ,also improvement of infrastructure and environment conservation through sustainable tourism
Considering power and genuine of this sectior in the country, Tanzania ought to embark on intensive evaluation intentionally to reinforce and join hands with stake holders like media, artists, and general public for protection and promotion.


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