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Paid Internship with Accomodation provided in Japan.



This is an paid internship for Horiuchi Steel Limited Company in Japan. Baryon Partners Corporation will be recruiting two interns who can come and work for Hirouchi Steel Limited Company in Japan.

The key information of the company:

Name: Hirouchi Steel Limited Company

Address: Odabuchi-cho 3-71-2, Toyokawa, Aichi 442-0844, Japan

Main business: Design and construction of steel framed houses and buildings and manufacturing

CEO : Tomoya Horiuchi, CEO, Qualified Architect of the First Class

Company’s website: http://felivehome.com/

The Key information of internship:

The number of interns recruted: Two interns, more interns will be considered if there’s a new projects in overseas.

Requirement: Above University, university students or graduates.

Starting date: If you are able to speak Japanese, then we can start as soon as the visa is ready. If you can’t speak Japanese, then we will have to give you some introduction to Japanese.

Trial periods: 3 months

Full-time: 2 years(Not including trial period), least 1 year

Wage: 230000yen(190000yen after tax, about $1850) , no particular bonus

Working days: 6 days a week, Sunday off, 10 days off other than Sundays.

Accomodation: Provided, by the working place.



If you are interested or would like to apply, email to daruso.upload@gmail.com

Or go to





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