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Get 15% OFF for a TV Talk Show on a YATCH at Slipway, “MEET YOUR STAR” Presents


There will be an event at Slipway on coming 9th of March 2018. It’s a TV talk show on a yacht starring DJ Q, by “MEET YOUR STAR” presents. There will be Interviews, chats, talks and Barbeque & Drinks.


Students including post-graduates are able to get students discount of 15% for this event. The actual price is 30000tzs, so the total amount of discount will be 4500tzs. However there are only 10 tickets left to apply, also it is first come, first serve methods, so apply before other people do. It is only available to apply till the end of 8th of March, a night before the event.


If you are interested, you can apply by filling your detail into the form below.


You will receive a conformation email from us once you have successfully get the coupon. We will try our best to send you the email within the day, please be patient to receive the email. There will be more instructions how the coupon works and what you have to bring with you on the email, so please don’t forget to check you email carefully.





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