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6 African made Cars you didn’t Know About


By Alpha February 3, 2018

We are usually accustomed to big car brands such as BMW, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Landrover and so on as the best automotive industries that manufacture high quality cars in the world which are in high demand at a global scale.

This makes us forget that there is a continent called Africa, a continent full of opportunities, creativity, technological advancement and so on which in the current times, has helped in propelling the continent with its people to a higher level of development.

Today we are going to see a list of 5 African car brands that are designed, manufactured and sold in Africa as part of proving to the world that we as Africans are also able to invest and produce assets of our own.

Wallyscar from Tunisia
The company was founded by Zied Guiga in 2007 and it is based in La Mars estimated to sell over 600 units per year.



Kiira Motors from Uganda
The car came into existence from a group of Ugandan students who had a project in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The car which is an electric sedan model is called Kiira EV SMACK. The first commercial car is expected to roll out the industrial floor in 2018. Ugandans I hope you start to save cash for your very own Ugandan car.



Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co, LTD from Nigeria
The company was founded by a Nigerian industrialist Chief Innocent Chukwuma but was then commissioned by the former president Goodluck Jonathan. The company’s car models are IVM UMU and IVM Uzo.



Laraki from Morocco
This is a Moroccan based company with its headquarters in assablanca which was established in 1999. Some of the company’s car models include Fulgura, Epitome and Borac.



Perana Performance Group in South Africa
The company was founded in the late 2007 and the company was located in Port Elizabeth. The companys cars are manufactured in their Hi Tech Automotive plant. The company’s cars include its famous model the Z One.



Birkin Cars in South Africa
This South African based company was established in 1982 and is well known for its S3 Roadster which is a kit car copy of the original Lotus Super 7.



Conclusively, the market for African manufactured cars commercially in Africa which are MADE IN AFRICA FOR AFRICANS will depend much on the uptake by African consumers.




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