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Concentrate on your Lane!


Concentrate on your Lane!
By Emmanuel Maijo January 30, 2018


Have you ever traveled on an express highway? I guess your answer would be a yes. If you had, you must have seen moving trucks and packed ones either damaged, burnt, broken down or under repair. You must have also seen other vehicles – cars, jeeps, vans in same conditions as the trucks. These road users try to outsmart and overtake one another. While some reach their destinations, others continue their journey.

Some die on the road through accident but in the same mishap, some will survive. Some never had misfortune, ever. There are many distractions along highway paths with highly speeding vehicles. A driver will only avoid accident and reach his destination by neglecting the distractions. No matter how fast you speed on highway, you will always meet other drivers ahead or some others speeding than you.

This description is the perfect picture of life – where everyone tries to outsmart one another. You can’t be the best but one of the ‘bests’. To avoid the brokendown, damaged, burnt, slowing down ‘vehicles’ along your life path slowing you down, you have to concentrate on your lane. You can’t compete with anyone except yourself. Competing with every ‘road’ user will only make you lose your own path/lane and endanger you.

Concentrate on being the best and finishing your lane successfully. Never compete, never get distracted, never feel dejected when someone ‘overtake’ you, concentrate on your lane and you will be the best in it. Even though people die, fail, got damaged, frustrated and dejected in life path, you should not be bothered. Your focus should be reaching the finishing end of your point by concentrating on your lane.


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