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Beauty with a Purpose: Najath Omar Awadh



Beauty with a Purpose: Najath Omar Awadh

Treading across the gradlane, I come across a cute lady, Najath Omar Awadh who is currently studying at Shanghai Dianji university, pursuing a Bachelor of International trade and Economics in her first year.


Upon further discussion, Najath opens up about the desire to experience new things in life,making new friends and having fun in the wild. She does hate betrayal.

She would love to tell the world that Najath is a girl with determination who believes in her dreams and tells the youth never to lose hope in life because happiness begins with your dreams.


Her five year goal is to accomplish her degree in International trade, become successful by putting up a self-owned business.

“That way I will be able to help more people by providing them jobs and motivating more in the beauty pageant industry,” said Najath


She also does business as a small enterpreneur, buying jewellery accessories from China and selling the items back home in Tanzania.

Well catch up with her on

Instagram @najatommy

Snapchat @najatommy


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