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Kelvin’s Suzuki Escudo


Kelvin’s Suzuki Escudo

Meet Kelvin Abraham Miagie a cool kid straight outta Arusha. He’s currently a University student at the university of Dar es Salaam struggling for his bachelor’s degree in Marketing. At a glance you will notice one thing,

Kelvin drives a 2005 Suzuki Escudo. To many, this model and make of car gives them the creeps of thinking that its only old and pretty matured people that can afford and maintain such a car but Kelvin decided to prove this notion wrong.

Kelvin tells us this is his utmost best car he ever had ever since he bought his first car (a Subaru forester). His love for cars is pretty clear to his friends and family as he is known around his University for buying and selling cars pretty much on a very frequent basis.

He usually participates in Arusha rallies but more of a spectator than being part of the main event. He enjoys car racing so much that he wants to modify his Suzuki Escudo into a racing car. I don’t know how or when he is going to do so but lets wait and see as the project is still being cooked.


Apart from being a Car geek, he also engages in creative arts as he is also known to take part in drawing,designing, painting and agriculture too! Kelvin told Campuslane that “… apart from loving car racing, I learnt to reduce my speeding habits while driving as I once got involved in a nasty road accident while racing with a friend of mine late into the night…”

Lastly, Kelvin’s dream car is a Subaru sti Hatchback but he says it wont hurt if his parking lot will also house a Ford Raptor f150. Campuslane wishes him the best of luck on achieving his goals.

You can connect with him via IG @vin_arts


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