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The 17 types of People you will meet at the Gym


The 17 types of People you will meet at the Gym

Trying to get that perfect body? The wasp like waist for the ladies and the well toned muscle chisel shaped masculine look? A habit for many youth and campusers alike. Well we ought to tell you the type of people you shall meet while exercising. Dont be shocked!

Keep reading to find out if any of these descriptions happen to describe who you are while you’re working out!

The Marathon Runner

This is the individual who you only ever see on the treadmill. When you get to the gym they’re running, when you leave the gym they’re still running, and sometimes you even see them running outside when you’re arriving or leaving. Chances are they don’t even need a car, because they just run to the gym. Props to them though, because most of us feel like were dying after running for 45 seconds.

The Improper Fraction

This is usually a male who looks to be in shape, but you only ever see them working upper body. This is further confirmed when you see that his legs are much smaller than than his massive back, chest, and arms.

(The name is derived from my 8th grade math teacher who told us that improper fractions were like the bulky men at the gym with tiny chicken legs, because they just look kinda “off”.)

Sometimes you can spot an improper fraction if they are bulky up top, but always hide their legs with baggy sweatpants or joggers.

The Average Joe

This is your typical human being who works out a regular amount so that they are not super muscular, but also not overweight. Generally, this is a majority of the people you see at the gym who have a great work/life/gym balance and they are not super obsessed with the gym but also recognize the importance exercise has on your health.

Somebody’s Grandpa

Have you ever been at the gym and see an older man walking on a treadmill, and during your second take you realize that he is wearing either jeans, sandals, or both? This is the “somebody’s Grandpa” that is usually at the gym early in the morning or during lunch time. Although his exercise attire is questionable and probably not the most comfortable or useful, old people are really the only demographic who can get away with this. No one is going to ask Grandpa to leave the gym even though the dress code clearly states you cannot use the exercise equipment with sandals.

The Football Team

This is the group of 4-8 teenage boys who can always be seen joking around and hogging several pieces of equipment at once. If you wanted to use one of the machines they’re hogging, then you’ll have to come back another time because this group takes turns doing sets and will occupy that area for the next 45 minutes.

The Socialite

This is the individual who seems to spend more time talking to everyone they know than actually working out. There was one time I was at the gym and I was doing a cardio warm-up – In the 30 minutes I was on the elliptical I saw this guy walk in, talk to four or five different people, do a total of 3 pull ups, and leave. This is the perfect picture of the socialite.

The Megaphone

You will be able to hear the Megaphone no matter where you are in the gym, because they breathe, grunt, and make noise so loud that it is inescapable. This character is often times a body builder and usually will make plenty of noise with both their mouth and the equipment.

Check Out my Quads Guy

It is very obvious that this guy works out his legs (definitely not an improper fraction) and he lets everyone know it. To start with, you never see him working anything else besides his legs. Secondly, when he is doing squats or deadlifts he lifts his shorts up above his thighs and constantly checks himself out in the mirror. While it may give him a better range or flexibility during these exercises, you can probably just assume he has his shorts hiked up for everyone else to see his legs too.

The Impossibly Fit

This is the person that you see walking on the treadmill at a speed of 4.5 mph, at an incline of 10.0, with ankle weights on, wearing a weighted vest, and a 60lb barbell on their shoulders. If you had to guess who in the room has reached the top of Mount Everest, it is probably this person because they are impossibly fit. Despite their frame being relatively average but very muscular, their level of endurance and stamina is jaw dropping. I wouldn’t advise trying any of the workouts you see this person doing, because it’s not as easy as they make it look.

The Trainer

Oh sure, there are plenty of gyms that have personal trainers! Well this guy doesn’t even work here. Your first clue to figuring this out is that he’s probably not wearing a shirt with the gym name on it, yet he still thinks it’s his job to give everybody workout advice. Are you doing an exercise wrong? Do you have bad form? Well don’t worry because this dude will surely point it out to you.

The Goal Crusher

This is the inspiring individual who you see at the gym from time to time and they are making noticeable progress in their fitness. They seem to have a good workout routine that’s balanced, and occasionally you’ll see them marking things off on a list they bring with them. Over the past few months you’ve noticed that they’ve lost weight, look a lot more confident, and witnessing their transformation from afar inspires you to set your own fitness goals.

The Workout Couple

This is the #RelationshipGoals couple that you always see at the gym doing exercises together. They’re both in very good shape and are always pushing one another to do more. While sometimes you wish you had a partner to workout with, you often wonder if they ever get sick of each other. They’re literally always at the gym, and always working out together, so when you only see one of them there you joke with yourself that they probably got into a fight.

The Water Hose

This is the person who, for whatever reason, is sweating a considerable amount more than anyone else at the gym. It’s especially noticeable when they wear a grey t-shirt, because the whole entire thing is drenched except for the very bottom part of the sleeves.

The Energy Drink Tool Bag

This is the person who thinks they are a lot cooler than they really are – as if seeming “cool” at the gym was ever something to be proud of. As the worst type of tool bag to see, this individual can be found drinking a Redbull or Monster rather than water, and is probably also wearing super expensive sneakers that are not made for anything other than sitting in a store window.

Mr./Mrs. Inexperienced

This is the man or woman that you see and you wonder why they’re at the gym in the first place. Even though all of the machines have pictures to illustrate how to use the equipment, they are still somehow working their arms on the back extension machine. Despite having bad form and using all the machines incorrectly, they have somehow managed to not get hurt. Let’s hope they can keep that up.

The Makeup Tutorial

This is the woman who looks like she was on her way to a beauty pageant or a dinner date but is now at the gym working out. I’ll never understand why some women insist on working out with a full face of makeup; it’s going to get all over the place when you sweat, and I can only imagine how horrible that is for your skin. Let’s just hope that you wipe your makeup off the machines when you wipe off your sweat.

The Jug Head

This is the guy who is walking around the gym with a gallon jug of water, as if he will be working out so long that he will need an entire gallon of water to keep him hydrated. You’ll never understand why he carries that thing rather than just refilling a regular sized bottle in one of the 20 water fountains located around the gym. There are two things you can tell about this man and that is that he is most definitely a bro, and he is also well hydrated.

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