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WCW! the mesmerising Irene Jenes Mngasa


Who says the Architectural school doesn’t have beautiful babes? These days beauty with brains is in limited edition and the ones available are of a rare kind. Well today, I bring you Irene Jenes Mngasa, a first year Tanzanian student of Ningbo University from China with love pursuing a Bachelors in Architecture.


This girl is outgoing, got charisma, lovely and friendly. Her charms and beauty can make the men in the courtroom lose focus. Her levels of intelligence can make the client wonder how such beauty manages to draw such amazing art with her blessed mind.


She loves to play with kids, friends, Jesus and maths alike, no wonder she is pursuing architecture.

Unfortunately team mafisi, you lose out on this one as she is so in love with her guy! Good luck next time!



Irene describes herself as suave kinda girl with a sprinkle of feisty. She is not afraid to tell it like it is and she is open-minded to new ideas from friends and those around that will help build her and lead her to a successful path and not break her.

Catch up with Irene on

Instagram @eye_ryn

Snapchat @irene_j7


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