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UE Preparation


University of Dar es salaam’s students busy in preparation for university Exam ( UE ).

By Idrisa Mkopoka

According to university of Dar es salaam time table from 8th week up to 16th are weeks for tests and exams. Since opening of university from Nov 6th up to now about 10 weeks goes and lefting about four weeks to sit for UE. These weeks seems students are very busy in university’s libraries preparing themselves as well as completing their different tasks that have been provided during the lecture time including writing term paper for seminar presentations, group assignments and individual assignments.

Libraries and other studying places seems to be fully of students all the time as the way to reach their goals planned in this semester. Octavian Kinyamagoha a student pursuing BA in Education for his side preparation is quite different from that of academic year 2016/017 because he faced with a lot of challenges including arrangement of time table was not friendly to him.

His preparation basing on literature review, indivial studying and group discussion and good academic relation with lecturers gives him confidence and he believes that it is the time to pull up GPA.

Anuary mwinyimvua a student taking Bachelor of Science in Machenical who found studying with his fellows seems students are very very busy in preparation and most of them are sitting for the second tests. He enjoying taking machenical because what he study in class are practically applied in society. He believes in solving different questions will improve his studying and performing exam for 90%.

Buliba magambo a student pursuing BA in Mass communication is very busy reading different books in library so as to attain his goals of getting an ” A “. Reviewing course outline and its demand to what students needed to understood in given course will assist him to met what he planned.

University Exam’s regulations needs student to attain not bellow sixteen out of fourth marks of the course work includes class presentations, tests and assignments.


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