By Asifiwe Mbembela

Practical training was not accidentally introduced but it’s due to of its relevance to the ones concerns after having theoretical knowledge on a certain career such as law, computer science, medical, education, mass communication, and electrical at any college or university.

Internal ship intends to find out what has the student understand while in a class, also it draw a path to a student to acquire new practical skills that are very rarely taught in class as well as to experience the real environment of their career, something which they cannot observe via perusing some books or group discussion.

Most of the developing countries like Tanzania at higher extent their syllabuses and curriculum built strong bases on bookish and theories than practical, basically when students get an opportunity to attend practical training it give them a golden moment to acquire knowledge from practical training hence to get experience and more useful and cross cutting skills that update them as well as to open some connection doors compare to theoretical studies which could not suit them for normal life in a society.

Internship in field like journalism and mass communication has great impact to students, for instance they do to learn how to write a news story, documentary, how to communicate with the mass audience as well as covering of story by observing objectivity as one of the journalist ethics when exercising their duties also how to be a good news anchor as well as best presenter.

So via such practical training that are carried out at each end of semester seems to be a stepping stone for students who pursue different courses by apply thing that have been taught by lectures , hence to meet professional requirements and work experience, something recruit well trained graduators who are able to compete locally as well as international levels.

Students who takes degree for three years are practicing internship twice before accomplishing their studies but to those who takes four years of study at least attends three times for internship thing that influence exposure and it gives clear picture to a student about the future of their career.

It’s true that some of the people they didn’t pass a long way to be employed but at the same time there a good number of people who are daily knocking some office’s doors hunting for jobs. But ever you asked or realize that there some of student who were employed just soon after completing their university studies due to being asked by institution, companies or offices where they carried out PT.

And that’s not miraculous issue just only to realize the hidden fate that belongs in practical training since behaving well, hardworking, cooperation, perseverance also will to volunteer without forgetting trustfulness and other positive attitudes have been became employment keys to our fellows

Obviously most of the Dar es Salaam University student they do accept with the relevance of practical training , as one of the last year graduator Deogratias Peter who was taking BS in Computer Science, explains “actually PT is among of good things to a student and it becomes more relevant when you meet competent trainers who are ready to direct and supervise you after realizing that you’re ready to learn new skills , but in order to get what you want one supposed to abstain from laziness and maintain punctuality, frankly speaking my PT by that time played a great role to be employed where i am now, since during that time i behaved well hence to be seems with good reputation something paved easy way for me to get employment.

Meanwhile students still argues the authority concern to extend time for PT also finance everybody to do their field since it expose a student to reality from class theories, as Rhoda Makama , BA in Mass communication pursuer who ask the government to extend time for PT in order to give an opportunity to a student to learn more practically comparing the time they spent in class which is longer than field period also she insists on giving equal chances to everyone .

Also one of the practical training instructor at University of Dar es Saalam , Mdam, Swaum Mustapha explained that though there is relation between theories taught in class and practical training offered in different areas, but within practical training we always offer chances for students to do practice themselves while learning and via experiencing mistakes they come up to know more practically also when we correct them from such practical exercise it makes someone to understand more and deeply by relating with what they have been taught in class

Actually by referring to the themes and slogans of fifth phase Tanzania government which insists on moving our country economy to middle sized economy as well as industrialization of the economy, practical training is very importance and makes sense than ever.

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