Written by Asifiwe Mbembela

Two weeks ago, will remain in memories for many of University of Dar es salaam students in because of inter university competition that held in Dodoma after UDSM becoming the overall winner for men in all competition that has prepared and runner by TUSA when still in mouth of many fans that tournament, there is other good news for university of Dar es salaam students especially for all students who loves sports and games.

In mid of January University of Dar es salaam are going run Inter college competition where every college and school such as School of Journalism and Mass communication within UDSM campus will participate together in competition while at same time building good relationship and cooperation among university of Dar es salaam students.

Minister of sports and games, Mabina David has confirmed about UDSM are going to host the internal tournament competition (intercollege competition) after inter University competition, and he says, “Yes we are in plan to run but this time we are in good point of conversation with authority of UDSM to get permission and to know what kind of awards that will be awarded all winner of inter college competition. According to Mr. Mabina this tournament are going to include all colleges and schools and are going to start soon after receive a letter from administrative office and actually will be in the of mid of January of 2018.

After this information from Ministers of sports and games, I talks with some student within UDSM campus to know if they are aware and have any information concerning with inter colleges competition and how they prepared themselves for tournament.
David Suya who is among of student of University of Dar es salaam has explains that he do not have information about inter college competition although he argue as individual I train every day not for tournament but to make my body to be physically fit.

But Abdalah Khamis who also is university student has confirmed to heard ramous of inter college competition which until now has not yet proven. He heard from other students who talking about tournament things make him to begin training well in his sector of volleyball games.

Due to information of Minister of sports and games about inter college competition it is important to every people who will engage in one among of sports such as swimmer, footballer, netballer etc, should prepare herself in order to be aware when sports ministers will alert everyone being ready to start tournament timely.

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