Written by Asifiwe Mbembela

“Today`s preparation determine tomorrow’s achievement” is a kind of slogan that can be used to talk about recent Inter university tournament which was hosted by Dodoma region that ends after two weeks of competition whereby Zanzibar university became new winner of football games and university of Dar es salaam (UDSM) becoming Overall winner for men and other games such as swimming, handball and volleyball each university obtained results accordingly.

In that tournament huge competition was witnessed in every games thing that happened to be new to all university students because in last tournament that held in Dar es Salaam few universities had full team with trained players like Ardhi university, NIT university, Kampala University, Mwalim Nyerere University both showed aspiration in trying their best to get first or second position in that tournament.

In competition of this year there were some features which increased attraction to many fans of within and out of Dodoma region thing that previous was difficult to experience, mostly it contributed by two facts that is sponsorship of SportPesa and Clouds Media Group to promote this tournament that increased much attraction and the way fans explaining about this tournaments from the beginning up to the end.
After those games to end the University Of Dar es Salaam become the overall winner after getting six (6) trophies for men after become winner in handball, swimming men, tennis men, tennis women, table tennis women, I talk to some student of University Dar es Salaam who were close following up all issue in Dodoma to get their perception concerning with what to add and what to remove or reduce and which thing are interested or not to those games.

JOHN PETRO is a student of University of Dar es Salaam who is persuading Bachelor of art in Mass Communication he explained that in order for other tournament to get the correct winner should add time of competition so as every university to get enough time of preparation. Also, he add that it is important to those people who can support inter university competition to sponsor tournament and gift to first winner and second thing that automatically will lead good performance to player.

For side of HOSEA REVOCATUS who persuading, Bachelor of art in Journalism at University Of Dar es salaam, has explained about the importance of this tournament to be live broadcasted in media so as all people who are desiring to watch sports of TUSA to be familiar with competition. He proposed the government to extend support this tournament because they can discover a huge talented people on specific field like swimming, table tennis and handball.

DARUSO Minister of sports and games, MABINA DAVID when he spoke about TUSA tournament that held in Dodoma region, he praised the efforts of Clouds Media group and SportPesa Limited for their sponsorship. In other way David provided new information to mass concerning with new time table for intercollege competition which is going to start mid of January upcoming year.



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