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Merry Christmas from one of our writer, Venance Majula



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From the bottom set of my heart I take this time to thank our Almighty God for his mercies and graces that endure forever in enshrining us with success and love.

It could be very hard to cross all the ups and downs we went through, but with *Him* we are made champions!

You can imagine how many people have passed away but still you breathe?

How many mistakes you do but He blesses you with prosperity? It is only the deepest love

He has for us!

The love which can’t be defined through humane manner!

*🎅🏻Shiny Star- Jesus Christ is coming for us*🎅🏻

Brethren, when celebrating Christmas(in the few hours to come) and New year (in the few face days), we should remember to give as God gave to us His begotten Son Jesus to save wretches like us!

Though we are no longer wretches, we are now friends of Him! Let’s take seconds and recall how great is thou art(our God)…Its through His Son we find salvation and Victory!

*Hark now hear, the angels sing a King was born today and we shall live forever more cos of Christmas day*

I would like to direct my special wishes and gratitude saying *_Merry Christmas &happy New year 2018* with full of blessings and new wisdoms for God!!

*Let’s learn a thing in this Christmas eve, that, forgiving saves lives*

Its me in Love *Venance Majula_Vefama*

*••Feliz Navidad••*

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